Shows & Events

Montgomery Weekend:

Montgomery weekend is a special time for the ITCA as we host our National Specialty and Annual Meeting. Each year, ITCA members from all over the world come to Pennsylvania to compete and share in their love of the breed. In addition to conformation, many come for the All-Terrier Agility and Obedience Trials that are held during the week prior to that weekend.

National Specialty:

The ITCA’s National Specialty has been held at the Montgomery Kennel Club Show since 1961. There are consistently more than 70 entries, providing a terrific venue for seeing Irish Terriers and meeting others who love the breed. This is an event which should not be missed!

Videos of past ITCA National Specialties:

1984 Sweepstakes

1984 Bitches and BOB

1985 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1985 Bitches and BOB

1986 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1986 Bitches and BOB

1987 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1987 Bitches and BOB

1990 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1990 Bitches and BOB

1991 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1991 Bitches and BOB

1993 Sweepstakes and Dogs

1993 Bitches and BOB

1995 Sweepstakes

1995 Dogs and Bitches and BOB

1995 BOB


Traveling Specialty:

Not everyone can come to the Montgomery weekend, so each year the ITCA and one of the ITCA Regional Clubs join forces to host an ITCA Specialty.  The schedule for the upcoming Traveling Specialty:








Regional Club Events:

In addition to ITCA events, each of the Regional Clubs hold an annual specialty and sponsored entry events.

Irish Terrier AKC Point Schedule:

Please click here to see the point schedule effective May 15, 2015


Show Superintendents include:

  • Jim Bradshaw

  • Roy Jones

  • MB-F

  • Jim-Rau Dog Shows, LTD

  • Jack Onofrio, LLC


Several events are usually scheduled in a region for a given weekend. Be sure to check for other dog shows and performance trials that coincide with these dates. If you can’t make the ones listed here, there may be another opportunity so check for shows held in different parts of the country and on other dates.