Breeder Referral

The ITCA provides a Breeder Referral service and puppy availability information for people who want to know about Irish Terriers.

Coordinator Jane DiPietro (

Phone: (281) 554-6778 (Please only call between 9:00AM and 9:00PM Central Time)

Our Coordinator is in contact with member breeders who have puppies planned or available for sale, and who may also know of older dogs needing a special home.

Expect to be encouraged to visit an Irish Terrier owner (with all members of your household) so that you may experience interaction with the breed in its home environment. This visit should help you determine if the size, temperament, and activity level are what you had in mind.

Through the Coordinator, you can expect responses to general questions concerning the breed and to be directed to specific breeders. However, it is the breeder’s responsibility to help you determine if this breed is right for you and to answer any specific questions you may have.

The Breed Referral Coordinator will not be able to quote prices that breeders may set for their Irish. You’ll need to speak directly to individual breeders for this important information.