Legislative Action

The Legislative Action Team of the ITCA is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers who work very hard to assist our membership in identifying legislation that could affect our members’ rights with regard to their dogs and providing them with the tools to fight that type of legislation. We partner with like-minded groups throughout the country to assist in stopping or amending laws that infringe upon our rights with regard to our animals. We support animal welfare, but not animal rights. We support laws that punish animal abusers for their misdeeds, but reject legislation that seeks to penalize everyone (including responsible owners and breeders) alike for the misconduct of the few. We read bills that are introduced in order to identify legislation that sounds like is curtailing substandard breeders andIor animal abusers, but in fact penalizes responsible animal owners and breeders in the process (“unintended consequences”).  For those types of bills, we attempt to convince the legislators to amend the bill to safeguard our rights, but if we are not able to do so, we work to oppose those bills.

The Legislative Action Team is, in fact, each and every member of the ITCA; however, there is a small group of people who lead the effort in various states/regions, all of this is headed by the ITCA Legislative Liason.

Thea Lahti

New London, NH


If you have any questions about legislation pending in your area or want help in supporting or opposing legislation, please contact Thea and she and/or the Team Member in your area will respond to you:

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