A “rescue” is any Irish Terrier in need of a home. The purpose of rescue is to save the dog.

 In order to accomplish the rescue of Irish Terriers the Rescue Committee has been set up with five (5) members appointed by the ITCA Board at the Annual Meeting. These members are regional in nature with one person from each the Northeast, South, Mid-West, Mountain and West. The 5 members will then elect the Chairperson and Reporting person. With the Chair as central leader the responsibilities concerning rescue descend from the Chair to the regional members, regional clubs and club members throughout the country. All Club members should consider themselves to be a part of the Rescue Committee. In any rescue, people working to rescue an animal will report directly to the Chair. There may be rescuers and foster helpers involved in a rescue. The rescuers will work to rescue the dog and evaluate it. The foster people may give the rescue a place to recover. A core of regional members has evolved through previous experience in rescue. These people are notified when a rescue is located and are updated as to details as the Rescue proceeds.