Want to Know More about Irish Terriers?

For those who want to learn more about the history of the IT, here are some excellent books on the subject.


  1. Irish Terrier by Lucy Jackson.
  2. The Irish Terrier: a Complete Anthology of the Dog published by Vintage Dog Books
  3. Irish Terriers by Edna Howard Jones.
  4. How to Raise and Train an Irish Terrier by Drusilla and George Kidd
  5. Irish Terriers by E.S. Montgomery
  6. Irish Terrier by Helga Richter-Lonnecke and Andrea Gasch (written in German)

Most of these books can be purchased through online stores..

BIDDING BEGINS FRIDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2022 at 12:00 am
As most of you know, 2022 is a very special year for the ITCA. We will be celebrating our 125th Anniversary. To help make the 125th ITCA Anniversary National Specialty Show extra special, we are offering significantly
upgraded take-home prizes. It is our hope this sponsorship auction will help offset the higher cost of trophies
and at the same time make the 125th National Specialty a spectacular historical event!
Here is how it works:
ITCA has provided below a list and photos of its top take-home prizes, including upgraded framed rosettes. If
you would like to sponsor the offering of one of these prizes, you can submit bids on one or more of the listed
take-home prizes. All winning sponsorships of take-home prizes offered in the auction will be listed in the show
catalog as offered by the ITCA and the winning sponsor. If you are the winning sponsor of a one or more
trophies, you may offer the prize in your name, or you can honor a Heart Dog, Mentor or Friend. Group
Sponsors are limited to four individual names.
Bids Open at 12:00 am (Eastern) January 13, 2022
and will close 11:59 pm (Eastern) on February 28, 2022
Bidding is open to Individuals and ITCA Regional Clubs
We will accept bids on our FACEBOOK page and via e-mail at Swimcoach@comcast.net. The leading bid for
sponsorship of each take-home prize will be updated every few days via email and on Facebook.